A perfect air mattress for our small apartment

We live in a rather small studio apartment that has a single bedroom and study-cum-living room! Since the apartment is situated in a posh locality in Manhattan, we have guests who drop in often and decide to spend the night with us. That’s ok since we love people around us, especially family, but having them sleep comfortably at night sometimes poses a major problem. If they are parents, we have them sleep in our bed while we crash out on the couch in the living room. If they are friends, we stay in our bedroom while they crash out outside. This got rather vexing when guests started complaining about the bad nights they had, and how difficult it was for them to sleep on the couch. That’s when we started looking for an air bed, and went to a site that listed the top air mattress reviews 2016 to help us decide the ideal mattress that would fit our budget as well as our home space.

We wanted a queen size since we would more often than not have couples as sleepover guests. Knowing that a queen bed would occupy far lesser space than a king size air mattress and could fit in easily between sofas, it made our search that much easier. Since our apartment didn’t have much storage space, we wanted a mattress that had an inbuilt bump that could be inflated as a headrest and would also couple up as a pillow. That would do away with buying and storing separate pillows. The last thing needed in the mattress would be how great comfort it provided. This had to be looked at carefully. The best mattress would have great internal reinforcements and circular coils that would fit the contours of the persons sleeping on them and then hold them in position throughout the night. Of course the inbuilt pump needed to be self-inflatable, meaning it would detect any fall in air pressure in the mattress automatically and start working on its own to fill in the lost air!

The model that we selected had undergone rigorous tests and then selected to feature in the top air mattress review site. It was weighed with 500 pounds for two days straight to check for any sagging. It retained its 18-inch height despite that much weight over it for two straight days! We decided that this would be the perfect air bed for us, since it came at a rather reasonable price and had all the features that much more expensive air bed brands had.

The last time we had guests, they slept so comfortably that they couldn’t wake up in time before we left for work! We left the extra keys near the headboard for them to use during the day. By the look of it, it seems so tempting that we have decided to sleep on the mattress ourselves and see if it’s really that good!. Who knows, we may replace our regular felt mattress with this one if we do find this a more comfortable option!

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