My Best Masticating Juicer


When it comes to preparing homemade juices, I always prefer using a juicer that will offer me quality juice without changing the taste of the juice or adding extra flavor. The market gets flooded with different masticating juicers every day and pick the best at times is a challenge. As a result, I always like checking through the juicer reviews 2016 available online from different sites. The juicer I pick from the market must be from a reputable manufacturer so as to guarantee me quality years of service.

When I have to make the best green juices and drinks that come with some healthy veggie juices, I have to consider various masticating juicers available on the market. I prefer using the masticating juicers as they come with a horizontal design that is easy to hold as I use them. These masticating juicers use an auger so as to grind as well as break down the food more thoroughly than the centrifugal juicers.

These masticating juicers always offer me excellent services in getting healthy juices that contain high nutrients that are of importance to the body. The slow process of crushing the food plays a major role in preserving the nutrients I need from these leafy greens like spinach, kales, and other super foods.

When I come to deciding the juicer that I have to use, I always ensure that I use the best masticating juicer reviews in the market to ensure that I get quality juicers at the best price that I can afford. The masticating juicer that I have to pick from the market must do more than juicing. I always pick a juicer that can also do and make some pasta, nut butter or even grind some coffee for me.

The top rated juicer that I will select from the market must be one that won’t destroy the minerals and vitamins from the greens and foods that I have to grind. My best masticating juicer ensures I extract a large volume of juice from fruits and vegetables and at the same time aid me in reducing the destruction of different macro as well as micronutrients in these fruits. My best masticating juicer offers no loss of nutrients through heat inactivation or oxidation.

I prefer using the masticating juicers as they always provide me with some juice that is tasty and very rich in nutrients. Although they have a small diameter feed slot that will require me to cut all the food I want to grind into small pieces, the masticating juicer keeps offering me quality and more nutritious juices and drinks.

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