Tea Kettles for My Induction Cooktop

I am a great fan of tea because of the great aroma and taste. I don’t just take any tea but one that is properly brewed. In the recent past, some of the tea kettles I have acquire have been real disappointments. I remember having some of my workmates passing by my new house to see the recent paintings and renovations I had just made. I offer to prepare them some tea just to realize that my tea kettle has a leakage. I had to go looking for a new tea kettle.

tea kettleAll my problems became history when I went to a store and discovered this tea kettle for induction cooktop. There was quite a number but I settled for the Fino pour over tea kettle. It wasn’t very costly but I loved this design. It has a narrow spout that is of a good length and it carries up to 1 liter of tea. It is made of stainless steel and since I bought it have never seen it rust. It also gives me easy time to wash. The handle is ergonomic friendly made of plastic.

The next time I wanted a kettle, I wanted something unique but one that will serve me just like the Fino tea kettle for induction cooktop had served. I walked to the same shop and he gave the glass teakettle for induction cooker. This was a glass kettle and at first, I didn’t want it because of it because I had the fear that it wouldn’t serve me more than a week. But I must admit I was wrong. This kettle has been a very loyal servant. I like how it gives me the color of my tea before I even have it in my cup. The glass is resistant to heat. I have even used it to a temperature of 150 degrees.

I know with these two kettles I will continue enjoying my tea in confidence.

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