The perfect Christmas gift

Gifts also known as presents are items given to strangers, family, friends etc. without expecting in return any form of payback. They are given freely to appreciate the good an individual has done or to commemorate a particular festival or event. Also, gifts are given to deserving individuals who have done a good job. Gifts could be in various forms ranging from physical items to non-physical.

Different kinds of gifts are given for different occasions. Birthday gifts are given with the act of surprising the celebrant with a much-awaited item in mind. But for Christmas gifts; a mythical belief is attached to its giving as it is said to be for well-behaved and good children. This mythical belief wouldn’t be complete if the bearer of the gift is not mentioned. Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas is the mythical figure that brings these gifts to the homes of these well-behaved children. 
Today, this mythical belief has been adopted and parents now get their children various kinds of presents for Christmas pretending to be gotten for the kids by Santa Claus. My own experiences with Christmas gifts has left me in the longing for the next Christmas with an optimum good behavior throughout the year.
This period of the year is when various retailers make lots of sales as the kinds of a gift given by most parents to their children ranges from games, musical instruments, clothes, shoes, toys, wristwatches amongst others. Gift sharing during this period is not restricted to parents to children alone. Adults also exchange gifts amongst each other. These gifts exchanged by adults could be a physical item, feeling or an act. These items include socks, Christmas cards, coupons, gift cards, commemorative Christmas stamps etc. The non-physical gifts (feelings or acts) could forgiveness, favor or blessing.
The giving of gifts during Christmas is not just a convention but a ritual that has the appreciation as its watchword and aims at mending broken ties bringing about joy and happiness within families, friends, and relations.

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