There are many new features in the best rice cookers

rice cookerI was going through rice cooker reviews and I realized how times have changed. I am still using my old Sanyo rice cooker that I’d bought almost 30 years ago. It is still useful, though now that our family is shrinking, I do need something that is smaller, which I can wash without having to run the dishwasher, and also consumes less power. This is why I was casually going through the rice cooker reviews, and was surprised with the new features. Mine has the thermostat, and it also has the keep warm feature. I never knew rice cookers could do more than that.

Nowadays, the cooking pan comes with non-stick coat. I am not sure I want that feature because this aluminum or whatever is the alloy used for making the cooking pot has worked for 30 years, and looks good enough for another 20 years at least. Non-stick, on the other hand will have to be changed, right? I am definite that is not a feature I am hankering for.

But I love those timer and auto cook features. I could be watching television program, and would not feel my food is getting burnt. Yes, indeed, those features are definitely worth in these modern rice cookers. Steaming basket is available in some of the models, and that is useful too. I can avoid using other vessels. But what would I do with what I already have? I will have to find somebody who needs these old vessels, i.e., if I decide to buy this new rice cooker with the non-stick cooking pot. I would still have to use my dishwasher, so I would not be saving on power bills. It is a difficult choice. I guess, I need to read a few more rice cooker reviews tomorrow, so that I can find something that meets all my requirements. For now, I seem to have decided against some of the sophisticated pieces.

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